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Tell-A-Friend Service

What is SendBoy?

  • SendBoy is a FREE page recommendation service that almost anyone can use on their web page or blog.

How does SendBoy work?

  • A visitor visits your page and clicks on a send button that links to our script.
  • They fill out their friend's email information and submits it.
  • Your vistor is taken back to your page and a personalized email is sent out to the visitor's friend(s) with the URL of your page.

Why should I use SendBoy?

  • It's an easy way for your visitors to tell their friends about your site.
  • Increase traffic and word of mouth to your site.
  • Information entered by your visitors are kept confidential. We do not engage in spamming or unsolicitated emails.
  • Last but not least, it's FREE!


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